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Dean's grassroots confusion: Where are the doctors?

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  "Monk does not recognize recognize only the Temple" is to describe the current academic medical treatment order, the patient is often not recognized by doctors of their choice, but blindly believe that the big hospitals that only into the large urban hospitals, to get into the safe.

  The other side of the county-level public hospitals shoulder the county will increase attendance rates to 90%, and "serious illness County," the task, a number of county-level public hospital president said in an interview admitted that the task really difficult.

  Among them, the "talent shortage" is anxious to make the most of their problems, there is no good doctor to provide quality health care services, rely on the patient to stay at home?

  So, guarding accounted for seventy percent of the county population in the total population, the medical needs of such a large and "vast", the doctors all go?

  Chinese Hospital Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhuang Yijiang use an example to illustrate the reality of the current frustration: "Province of Central China, a subsidiary of University Hospital, Dr. graduated doctors have accounted for half of the province's total number of words, all of the province. Dr. doctors, half of which are concentrated in a hospital. "

  In fact, the industry has been using the "siphon" to describe this phenomenon, the big hospital "sucked" the quality of medical personnel, more full-load operation, small hospitals even more difficult.

  Chinese Hospital Association in March last year published "County Hospital Personnel (flow) turnover in the research report" shows, 2008--2012 of this five-year period, 86 county hospitals a total of 9392 medical personnel outflow of over 60% of the county public hospital professional number of technical personnel can not meet the demand for medical services.

  "We Sanming City, a county hospital, he did not hire an undergraduate years." Xu, director Luan Fujian Sanming Medical Insurance Fund Management Center emotion.

  The grassroots storm: why doctors do not want to come?

  According to the Chinese Hospital Association survey, 85.7% of the county hospital personnel flows higher level hospitals or the economy is relatively developed regions, which holds that "the remuneration level is not high," accounted for 60.5%, the brain drain has become the primary factors.

  In recent years, high-profile and hot Fujian Sanming City medical reform model, made in improving the treatment of exploration, to implement a physician annual salary system as the core of the pay system, so that the clinical frontline medical staff who work hard. After three years of reform, medical personnel per capita income of over 80,000 yuan.

  "State medical personnel remuneration system expressly provided, shall not exceed the level of peer institutions, which means that a doctor can not be higher than the revenue teacher annual salary system as long as the order to break this 'ceiling'." Joseph Xu said, "the past three years, Deputy above the level of chief physician, a person does not flow away. improve the medical income can be said to be the most effective measures to retain talent. "

  However Qinghai Medical Administrative Secretary Bi Yuhua HA opinion, this approach is not replicable: "On one hand, economic conditions, the financial reach of Qinghai Province on the other hand, Sanming City, medical, medicine. , Medicare and other government departments, to a focus city leaders in charge. health care reform to be placed on an integrated platform, in order to coordinate efforts more. "

  Funing County of Hebei Province People's Hospital ZHAO Yong also misgivings: "Give the young doctor a substantial pay rise, some old comrades fear of psychological imbalance, affecting their dry vigor."

  Further, according to a number of county-level public hospitals responsible in poor counties geographical location and cultural environment, the county public hospitals is difficult to solve the preparation, inadequate hospital hardware, backward disciplines has become difficult to recruit people, keep people difficult factor .

  In Guangdong Province, Wei Planning Commission inspector liaoxinbo opinion, the basic drug system defect is unavoidable reason. "Grassroots medical institutions to lay off non-essential drugs, resulting in a lack of our primary care. Our two-way referral, the grassroots first visit met with great resistance. Basic medicine system developed intention is to protect the national basic medical medicinal, and not to be differentiated according to the level of hospital use.

  Primary Road: How to increase the appeal?

  During the interview, a scholar with the view of many industry commonly recognized that hospital administrators, county-level public hospitals only enhance its service capabilities for physicians to build a platform to play, in order to attract and retain talent.

  Liao Xinbo that the current tertiary hospital accreditation, "must reach a certain level in order to do an operation," restricting the development of the hospital. He advocated the adoption of technical access, as long as the grass-roots medical institutions meet the technical standards of a surgery can be carried out. Accordingly, there is a standard medical personnel, specialists Once you master a technology, it can be done in one operation inaugural own hospital.

  "This is in order to promote the county hospital according to their ability to construction, manufacturing platform to attract the doctor." Liaoxinbo stressed.

  For rooted in County ZHAO Yong, he still has more specific and urgent appeal: "large medical equipment configuration hospitals, need to go through the approval of the provincial health department, these resources are often occupied by urban hospitals, county hospitals hope to give priority to configure licensing , so as to enhance the quality of medical care as soon as possible. "

  In addition, ZHAO Yong biggest confusion is how to solve the problem can not be edited into this reality, hoped that relevant departments in the personnel system can give support to the county medical institutions, let down to the grassroots people enjoy the preparation, treatment shorten the gap between urban and rural areas.

  Zhuang Yijiang believes that developing existing talent, but also enhance the level of medical technology, a way to alleviate the shortage of talent. He made this suggestion, let the county public hospital doctors' group "to a hospital study.

  "In the past only to send a person to learn, although mastered the technology, but because there is no fit person, still unable to play after coming back. Now the entire team involved in the training, such as learning of liver resection surgery, the anesthesiologist should go, we can immediately come back to work. "he said.


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